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Massage therapy has many benefits including relieving pain and muscle tension, detoxifying the body, reducing fatigue, relieving stress while promoting relaxation, decreasing body stiffness, improving the function of the immune system, improving metabolism, enhancing sports performance and more.
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Custom Massage Prices:
30 Minutes: $40.00
60 Minutes: $55.00
90 Minutes: $80.00

We are pleased to announce our referral program.  You will receive $5.00 off an appointment for every person you refer that completes an appointment!  Let them know to mention your name when scheduling their appointment to receive your referral!
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Check out Neural Reset Therapy!

Neural Reset Therapy® - a new approach to optimize muscles. The first therapy to combine Sherrington's Law of Reciprocal Inhibition and Pfluger's Law of Symmetry to manually reset muscle tonus. Trigger points, nodules, and bands release in a few seconds giving pain relief immediately.